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Welcome to IEEE Ro-MAN2015 in Kobe!!

Many types of robots have been developed to communicate with people. The technologies to support the human-robot communication became the center of attention in the research field of intelligent robotics. In contrast to the technological advances, a robot needs to have a practical application such as education, route guidance, rescue, entertainment, hospital care, home care, military use, and so on to investigate the potential benefit of using a communication robot in a real situation and to find further knowledge of the nature of a socially embedded robot.

The theme of IEEE RO-MAN 2015 is "Interaction with Socially Embedded Robots." We welcome papers related to the study of the robotic technology, psychology, cognitive science, artificial intellience, and Human-Robot Interaction. In particular, we truly welcome papers focusing on the technologies to achieve a socially embedded robot, the design of a robot to apply it into a real application, the trial to use a robot in a practical field, and the investigation of the socially acceptance of a robot. IEEE RO-MAN 2015 will offer all of presenters and participants opportunities to discuss and share your idea and opinion.




At the Kobe International Conference Center, Japan.


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